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What is the Low FODMAP Diet?

Have you read of the lower FODMAP diet program? Are you thinking if it can assist with your IBS?

Read through this site post to find out what it is all about and to see if it can benefit you. 

This post is prepared by my friend & intestine wellness dietitian Kirsten Jackson


What is the reduced FODMAP diet plan?

The very low FODMAP diet plan is a 3 phase diet which allows you to pinpoint your specific triggers and to help you to try to eat foodstuff without the need of panic and debilitating signs and symptoms.

The 3 levels of the diet are restriction, reintroduction and modification of your lengthy-phrase diet regime relying on what your reactions have been. You can study additional about it additional down the website page.

Evidence suggests that about 57-72% of men and women get symptom reduction by way of this food plan (2). On the other hand, it is intricate and restrictive so demands to be accomplished beneath the supervision of a Registered Dietitian.

It is significant to observe that this is not a for good diet plan. It is only short-term and should really only be accomplished to be ready to locate your distinct gut triggers. 

What are FODMAPs?

FODMAPs are a group of carbohydrates (sugars) that are uncovered in a range of food items.

FODMAP stands for




Monosaccharides and 



Most of your foodstuff is damaged down and absorbed in the modest bowel (the tube soon after your tummy), but this is not the case with FODMAPs.

FODMAPs move by your smaller bowel and conclude up in your large bowel where they are damaged down by plenty of superior gut micro organism, giving off gas. This procedure is acknowledged as fermentation and it can induce symptoms of pain, excess fuel and bloating in individuals with IBS.

FODMAPs can also draw in drinking water to the large bowel which can outcome in loose, urgent bowel motions.

Why really should you follow a small FODMAP food plan?

The aim of this food plan is to lower IBS indications by pin-place unique dietary triggers. Thus, if you battle with signs and symptoms these kinds of as wind, bloating, stomach pain and diarrhea, then the minimal FODMAP food plan may be for you.

Ahead of taking into consideration the minimal FODMAP diet program, it is essential that you have an precise prognosis of IBS. This is because your signs and symptoms could not be due to IBS and could be triggered by other ailments such as inflammatory bowel disorder, coeliac sickness or even bowel cancer (3).

The 3 phases of the reduced FODMAP eating plan

Phase 1: Restriction Stage

All large FODMAP foods have to have to be cut out of your diet program. This presents the intestine a break and enables you to see if you are sensitive to FODMAPs or not. 

This phase really should final amongst 2-6 months maximum. How speedily your signs or symptoms make improvements to will change from individual to particular person

It is essential that you do not continue to be in this stage for lengthier than 6 weeks as this can have adverse outcomes on your gut health and fitness by lessening the sum of excellent intestine microorganisms in your gut (4). 

Phase 2: Reintroduction Phase 

Soon after 4-6 weeks of restriction it is  vital to begin reintroducing higher FODMAP foodstuff to be able to discover out which meals are triggering your gut signs or symptoms. 

Just about every FODMAPs ought to be examined on its have by using a food stuff which consists of just that 1 FODMAP. This will give you clarity on what is resulting in your indications.

You should reintroduce every single FODMAP above 3 days, slowly growing the part each individual working day unless of course you get indications. This will exhibit you how considerably of the FODMAP you can tolerate right before it triggers signs.

Tolerance ranges will change from man or woman to person. 

This phase can choose all over 4-5 weeks in complete with all the FODMAP group reintroductions. 

Stage 3: Personalisation Phase 

By this stage you will have determined all of your triggers and learnt how substantially of which FODMAP groups you can tolerate on their have. 

Now you need to have to personalise your have eating plan to come across out which combos of FODMAPs you can tolerate with each other and how normally you can have them without receiving signs and symptoms.  The purpose is to have a diet plan as near to normal as achievable with a wide variety of meals. 

Why is it so critical to reintroduce FODMAPs?

You could get fantastic symptom aid in the restriction period and wonder why it is so important to reintroduce FODMAPs back again into your eating plan.

Right here are the principal good reasons why:

  • Intestine micro organism – Proscribing FODMAPs from your diet can negatively have an effect on your superior gut micro organism (4). This improve can transpire inside of the 1st 4 months of the restriction period, so the quicker you get FODMAPs back again into your diet program the far better. 
  • Restrictive eating plan – Slicing out FODMAPs entirely can lead to an unnecessary restrictive diet plan. This can create a very poor partnership with food and can guide to nutritional deficiencies. 
  • Small calcium consumption – Analysis indicates that individuals on the minimal FODMAP ingestion have a decrease calcium ingestion in particular in the restriction phase of this diet regime (5).


The lower FODMAP diet is an helpful 3 action diet plan which permits you to pinpoint your meals intolerances. It really should be accomplished under the supervision of a Registered Dietitian to do this accurately, safely and for the finest benefits. 

The small FODMAP diet is not a endlessly diet plan, it is just to obtain your triggers in get to decrease gut symptoms. So even though it is restrictive, it is only non permanent. 

Please make positive you have an accurate prognosis just before starting this food plan and other intestine conditions have been dominated out by your doctor. 

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