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The key cation in the intracellular fluid is potassium chloride. It actively participates in the contraction of cardiac skeletal and clean muscle tissues, the conduction of nerve impulses in the heart, mind, and skeletal muscle, the upkeep of usual renal perform, acid-base stability, glucose metabolic rate, and gastric secretion.

Almost never, metabolic acidosis and hyperchloremia might coexist with potassium depletion in patients with renal tubular acidosis, for instance. Working with potassium salts other than potassium chloride in these people, this kind of as potassium bicarbonate, potassium citrate, potassium acetate, or potassium gluconate, is the best way to substitute potassium.

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Employs Of KCL-Retard Slow K Tablet

It is applied to address

  1. Drug-induced hypokalemia
  2. Liver cirrhosis
  3. Nausea
  4. Vomitin
  5. Cholera
  6. Diarrhoea
  7. Muscular weak point
  8. Paralysis
  9. Diabetic ketoacidosis
  10. Ulcerative colitis
  11. Weak spot
  12. Anorexia
  13. Sleepiness
  14. Cushing’s syndrome
  15. Pyloric stenosis
  16. Low blood tension, and so on.

KCL-retard Sluggish-K is also utilised as element of the remedy for the pursuing circumstances: Dehydration, Dry Mouth, Hypokalemia, Hypotonic Dehydration, Hypovolaemia, Isotonic Dehydration, Drastically Lessened Foods Ingestion, Metabolic Acidosis, Hypodermolysis, Mild, Reasonable Metabolic Acidosis, Ocular edema, Acid-Foundation Equilibrium, Bowel Planning Remedy, Electrolyte

How It Will work

Regular potassium stages could be equipped to be restored with a lot more potassium in the variety of superior potassium meals or potassium chloride.


KCL-retard Sluggish-K dosage

Oral: Dosage should be altered to the unique wants of each individual affected person.

Older people: In serious deficiencies 3-6 tablets or 4-8 teaspoonful or 25-50 mmol for every working day orally in divided doses for some days with fruit juice, sweet or simple drinking water.

Young children: ½-1 teaspoonful two times everyday or 1-3 mmol/kg physique fat a day in many divided doses. Affected individual really should take Potassium chloride with meals.

Intravenous: Intense acute hypokalaemia:

Grownup: 75 mg is most effective recommended.


It is significant to identify that hyperkalemia is normally asymptomatic and could be manifested only by an elevated serum potassium focus and attribute electrocardiographic changes (peaking of T-waves, loss of P-wave, melancholy of S-T phase, and prolongation of the QT interval). Late manifestations contain muscle paralysis and cardiovascular collapse from cardiac arrest.

The administration of oral potassium salts to people with typical excretory mechanisms for potassium hardly ever leads to major hyperkalemia. Having said that, if excretory mechanisms are impaired, or if potassium is administered as well rapidly intravenously, probably deadly hyperkalemia can outcome.


  1. Do not just take it in conditions of :
  2. Cardiovascular illness
  3. Acute dehydration
  4. Substantial tissue harm or renal or adrenocortical insufficiency. 
  5. Being pregnant.

 If intense nausea, vomiting, or belly pain appears, cease the medication. In renal dysfunction, potassium may well accumulate.

Can I constantly consider KCL-retard Slow-K?

By no means take much more of it or acquire it extra frequently than directed. For each dose, do not exceed 20 milliequivalents.

Is it alright to just take a everyday dose of KCL-retard Sluggish-K dietary supplements?

If your health care provider has approved KCL-retard Gradual-K drugs, you could just take them just about every working day.

When ought to KCL-retard Sluggish-K be stopped being taken?

If you experience any of the subsequent indications as a result of a high potassium degree: nausea, weakness, tingling, chest suffering, irregular heartbeats, loss of movement, critical throat irritation, belly bloating, severe vomiting, or critical stomach agony, prevent using this KCL-retard Gradual-K and make contact with your doctor appropriate absent.

Can I cease having Slow-K with KCL?

Without the need of consulting your medical doctor, do not discontinue applying KCL-retard Slow-K given that this could make your predicament worse.

Those people who shouldn’t use KCL-retard Slow-K

If you have hyperkalemia, or if you also acquire a diuretic that is “potassium-sparing,” you ought to keep away from employing KCL-retard Sluggish-K. If you are allergic to potassium chloride, have hyperkalemia (large blood potassium degrees), or just take a “potassium-sparing” diuretic (water capsule) such as amiloride, spironolactone, or triamterene, you must stay away from working with potassium chloride.

What happens if I really don’t just take a dose?

The missed dose need to be taken as shortly as you remember. If it is virtually time for your next scheduled dose, skip the missed dose. To make up for a skipped dose, do not choose much more medication.

If I take as well substantially, what takes place?

Receive immediate health-related help. Muscle weakness, chest soreness, and irregular heartbeats are all possible overdose indications.

Can KCL-retard Slow-K guide to cardiovascular concerns?

The potential risks of getting potassium chloride intravenously are nicely documented. It can immediately guide to cardiac arrest if injected as well promptly or in a large dose. Nearly any arrhythmia may well be noticed as a end result of the sophisticated consequences of hyperkalemia on the heart.

Can Sluggish-K which is KCL-retardant harm my kidneys?

The overall body demands KCL-retard Gradual-K, an electrolyte, and mineral, to sustain critical bodily capabilities. It is one particular of the 7 vital macrominerals and will help the kidneys get the job done thoroughly. Kidney challenges can crop up from possibly far too a great deal or far too minimal potassium in the physique.

Can liver concerns be brought on by KCL-retard Gradual-K?

Reduced serum KCL-retarded Non-alcoholic fatty liver illness and its accompanying metabolic ailments are linked to sluggish-K ranges.

Is KCL-retard Gradual-K superior for high blood force?

According to clinical and epidemiological scientific studies, consuming KCL-retard Sluggish-K decreases blood force.

Often Asked Inquiries

The most repeated queries requested about this medicine are:

1. What is the intent of KCL-retard Slow-K?

KCL-retard Low blood potassium ranges can be dealt with and prevented with the assistance of the drug Slow-K. Vomiting, diarrhea, or some drugs can all lead to low blood potassium degrees. Right before utilizing, dilute the concentrated version.

2. KCL-retard Gradual-K: How risk-free is it?

The typical adult population could be regarded risk-free for KCL-retard Gradual-K.

3. How exactly does KCL-retard Slow-K operate?

By replenishing dropped potassium and steering clear of a shortfall.

4. What are the KCL-retard Sluggish-regular K’s aspect outcomes?

It is popular for KCL-retard Slow-K to lead to: 

  1. Tummy distress
  2. Nausea
  3. Vomiting
  4. Fuel
  5. Diarrhea.

Tell your health practitioner or pharmacist as before long as possible if any of these aspect results persist or get even worse.

5. Is KCL-retard Sluggish-K protected to consume although nursing?

If a pregnant woman’s health care provider decides that the advantages to the pregnant female outweigh any potential hazards to the little one, the pregnant lady may perhaps be administered this KCL-retard Gradual-K.

6. Is KCL-retarded Gradual-K harmless to use although nursing?

Use is ordinarily regarded as permissible the mother’s profit ought to outweigh the infant’s chance. Utilize with a doctor’s assistance.

7. When should KCL-retard Slow-K be taken?

If this medication can make your stomach feel queasy, consider KCL-retard Slow-K with food stuff or proper following a meal. Use the accompanying dosing syringe, a dose-measuring spoon, or a medicine cup to evaluate liquid remedies.

8. How a lot of doses of KCL-retard Sluggish-K can I consider every day?

Taken two to four occasions for each working day.

9. How swiftly does KCL-retard Slow-K start to operate?

When most tablets commence to dissolve within just a number of minutes, potassium chloride tablets release their contents step by step around several hrs, lowering the danger of gastrointestinal discomfort. When daily until finally potassium ranges are inside of the standard assortment, KCL-retard Slow-K is frequently taken.

10. How prolonged does my body keep KCL-retard Slow-K?

Right after applying KCL-retard Sluggish-K Prolonged-launch Tablets, increased urine potassium excretion is very first found a person hour later, peaks close to 4 hrs later on, and lasts for up to eight hours.


It is sensible to :

Use a entire glass of h2o to consider this drugs.

Choose with food as this decreases gastrointestinal irritation.

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