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Going upside down might be pretty intimidating at first, if not impossible, but doing a handstand is a very achievable goal for an active person with a healthy body and the right mindset. All it will take is a couple of weeks of dedicated, regular practice, according to experts. Handstands are a lot more than a party trick. 

Not only it helps work people’s core and upper body strength, but it also helps train body awareness, balance, focus, discipline, and deep breathing – skills that can be transferred to each outdoor activity and mountain sport, as well as people’s daily lives. People have to do very focused to balance their hands. 

They cannot be worrying or thinking about something else. This kind of pose grounds people’s breath helps clear the head, and forces individuals into the moment. Experts recommend some exercises to help build the necessary confidence and strength to add the move under your belt. This position comes down to fear for most individuals. 

The first step is to get comfortable standing with your hands, upside down; you can get used to balancing on your hands and eventually perfect the pose. If it takes longer than expected, do not give up. When people are practicing, it is pretty easy to get frustrated, but they need to remember that they have been standing with their feet their whole life. Take a deep breath, give yourself more time to learn the new skill, and approach it with a lot of focus.

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Individuals doing this stung must be healthy and free of any injuries. Handstands place a lot of stress on the shoulders and wrists. It will require a lot of mobility in the hamstrings and lower back. If a person doing the position has pains in these areas of the body, they need to wait until they are back in action. 

Adequate warm-up exercises are needed to prevent injuries. Start with some yoga sessions or various exercises to loosen up or open the shoulders and activate the core, back muscle, and arm. As people work towards the pose, start with the moves listed below in progression. 

They need to continue until they find it a lot easier and more comfortable before they move on to practicing the position with the wall. They need to move at their own pace and remember to practice regularly as much as they can. It is the key to mastering this move. Here are some tips on how to do a perfect handstand.

Find a sturdy wall

Start with a sturdy wall. People usually use a padded wall for this phase. Make sure that you have a lot of open space around you and padded surfaces under you.

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Kick up

Stand about three to five feet away from the wall facing it. Lift both arms straight up over the head. Move forward and place your hands in front of you on the padded floor with shoulder-width apart, at least a foot away from the padded wall. Keep every finger spread out and facing forward. Using the momentum, you generated from the lunge, kick one leg, your dominant leg towards the wall, and follow it with the other leg. Make sure that your arms are straight. 

It does not matter which leg will lead the lunge, but it can be comfortable if you do it using your dominant leg. If the person cannot get all the way up into the handstand pose, it can help if they have someone who can pull their legs up, like a spotter.

Work on the body position

Once the person gets into the pose, they need to check their positioning and form. They can try to be as straight as possible. People need to keep their legs together and very straight, with their toes pointed upwards. Next, they need to tighten their back and stomach so they do not arc their back or bend at their hips. Individuals need to check their hands, but make sure not to stick their heads out. Push down through the palms, so the arms and shoulders are fully extended, and make sure to lock out the elbows.

Perfect the pose

When individuals finally know how to do a handstand on their own, they need someone to take a closer look at their body position. Check if their body is straight as an arrow. The tighter their limbs are, the easier it will be for them to hold the position. While they’re at it, ask them to take a photo of them in that pose. It is the handstand, after all.

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