Six Promising Ways to Stay Determined To Your Weight Loss Mission


Who is not tired of being overweight and has tried like a hundred ways to lose those extra pounds but eventually fail and end up at the same point from where we started. Sticking on to the weight loss mission can be very challenging at times. There are hundreds of attractive unhealthy food advertisements on our TV channels, mobile phones, and scrolling down through our social media. We see like zillions of attractive deals, which makes our mouth all watery and distracts us from our goal very quickly.

I know, at times controlling yourself is only possible to an extent, and sometimes we do lose ourselves and get tired if the results are not the same we expected or are very much time taking. We got you some surprising ways to easily stick to your plan and lose extra kilos hopping onto a good lifestyle and your perfectly toned body.

When starting our weight loss journey, it can be very promising. We can be very high on our spirits expecting a significant change, but after a week or two, things start to shake as we lose our courage, the hope and the belief in ourselves self and go back again the same lifestyle we were following earlier. But to make sure we stick to our plan, I have gathered up some surprising ways through which one can quickly and not going harsh on themselves lose up the jelly belly.

First of all, we have to accept ourselves and show love and care towards the body I own. After that, we have to set realistic goals and expectations. If I am weighing about 70 or 80 KG, I will be able to lose maybe 5 to 6 kilos a month but not directly on 56 kg, or 55 kg’s in a month, or else this will only backfire our health. Setting a more realistic and achievable goal can keep you away from getting discouraged and even lead to lead to a more significant weight loss.

We have to motivate ourselves and think about these things that drive us to lose weight, such as that black dress hanging in your wardrobe for three years because it won’t fit you now. Still, you want to wear it on your next birthday or any other major event of your life, and you want to look good and think about all the praise you will be getting after losing that fat from your beautiful body. Anything that motivates you should be on your mind daily, and you should remind yourself about that every day. Through this, you will stay away from unhealthy behaviors.

We look out for what we are eating and have to keep track of calories we are eating as the more we avoid unhealthy foods and stick to whole grains and healthy eating, it will help us out shed some extra kilos. If we have unhealthy food in our homes, we should either take them out of our sights or ask our family members to hide them and not keep it on countertops and counter roofs.

We have to make a black and white approach. We don’t have to be harsh on ourselves as if we had something unhealthy at a party or got together. We don’t have to say that I have ruined my whole diet and ended up leaving the menu, and going back on our previous lifestyle, we don’t have to do this, if we have had something we can, that is okay, and we can continue our diet.

Diet won’t only help us; we have to also cope with some physical activities such as exercising or taking our pets for walk as it benefits both mental and physical health. Emotional support dogs can be at the rescue for us whenever we need any psychological assistance. Emotional support animals apart from dog can be any other animal that helps in individual coping with mental illness, stress, depression etc. However, doing some functional exercises such as planks, cardio, and weightlifting exercises not only help to tone our bodies but also keeps us mentally healthy and reduce extra kilos.

And lastly, we have to practice mindful eating to help achieve a tasty and healthy lifestyle. mindful eating to help achieve a tasty and healthy lifestyle.

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