Natural Ingredients for Effective Eyebrow Growth


Eyebrows play a significant role when it comes to eye protection. They help to protect your eyes from dust, sweat, and excess moisture, keeping them clean & healthy. Also, darker and thicker brows help to enhance your look and give you a bold personality.

You can add a few simple tips to your eye care routine for darker and thicker eyebrows, such as applying essential oils to your brows, adding healthy meals to your diet, and regularly shaping your eyebrows. It helps to get rid of split ends and promote eyebrow growth. Also, you can apply eyebrow growth serum to nourish your brows and protect against dryness. In this blog, we will discuss a few natural ingredients that help to grow your brows faster and thicker.

Natural Ingredients for Faster Eyebrow Growth

Onion Juice

Onion juice has a rich source of selenium, sulfur, minerals, and vitamins B & C, essential for hair growth. So this way, you can apply onion juice on your brows to get more effective results. Sulfur assists in improving collagen production, which is essential for eyebrow growth. Also, it helps to strengthen the brows follicles and protect them from excessive eyebrow fall. You can mix lemon juice with the mixture to remove a strong smell from the onion juice.

You may apply onion juice with the help of cotton balls. Soak it in onion juice and apply it to your eyebrows. Leave for an hour and wipe them off with lemon juice to remove any weird smell. You can apply this mixture twice a week to get effective eyebrow growth.

Fenugreek Seeds

Methi seed is also known as fenugreek seed. It can help to grow new eyebrow strands and promote brow growth. Methi seeds have lots of protein, nicotinic acid, and lecithin, which help stimulate brow follicles and promote faster eyebrow growth. Lecithin can help to nourish your brows and keep them healthy and shiny. Similarly, fenugreek seed is considered thebest lash growth serum that helps to stimulate lash follicles and increase eyelash growth.

You can soak the methi seed and make it fine-paste. Apply fenugreek paste to eyebrows and leave it on for 30-40 mins & clean them with warm water. Make sure to do a patch test before applying any natural ingredients to your eyebrows.

Coconut Oil

Massaging coconut oil to your eyebrow helps to improve blood circulation and stimulate brow follicles. Coconut oil contains essential fatty acids and lauric acid, which can be beneficial in fighting against infections of brow follicles. Also, it contains the goodness of vitamin E and iron, which are associated with faster and darker eyebrow growth.

Regular usage of coconut oil on your eyebrows can grow them faster and nourish them. Take a cotton ball and dip it in the coconut oil, keep it overnight and clean it in the morning. You can apply coconut oil approximately four days a week to get noticeable results.


Lemon has a great source of vitamins C, B, and folic acid that helps to promote faster eyebrow growth compared to other natural ingredients. Besides this, the presence of vitamin C in the lemon assists in boosting collagen production and promoting brow growth. Other nutrient values in lemon can provide moisture and strength to brow follicles and make your eyebrows strands longer and stronger.

You can rub a piece of lemon on your brows and leave it for 20-30 minutes. After that, rinse your eyebrows with lukewarm water. Ensure to take a patch test before applying lemon on your brows. If you are searching foran eyebrow growth serum to get faster eyebrow growth, you can visit the MD Factor website. You can get a vast collection of brows and lash growth products suitable for all skin types.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is an excellent source of vitamins A and E, which help improve eyebrow growth. Vitamin E can hydrate your brows, and vitamin A maintains sebum production & stimulates brow follicles. Massaging your brows can help to boost brow follicles and create a coat on the brows strands.

You can pour the required olive oil on your palms and massage it with your fingertips. Allow them to stay for an hour, and clean your brows with water or face wash. You can apply olive oil once a day for more effective results.

Castor Oil

This oil is renowned for its effectiveness in hair growth. Applying castor oil on the eyebrows can be beneficial to get healthy and bushy brows. It contains various nutrients, including fatty acids, proteins, antioxidants, and vitamins that help activate brows follicles and increase brow growth.

Gently rubbing your brows with a few drops of castor oil makes your brows healthy and darker. You can leave it for 30-40 minutes and cleanse it with lukewarm water. Daily apply castor oil on your brows to see the best results.

Final Words

You can go through the MD Factor website to add the best lash growth serum and brow growth products to your eye care regime. Here, you can get a large number of products for hair and skin care. Also, you can find health supplements and beauty products on this website.

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