Getting to Know the Nature of Aikido

Aikido Explained: The Main Rules, Equipment, and History

When you know, you can protect yourself, whether financially, psychologically, emotionally, and physically, you somehow have fewer worries. Because in this manner, you are aware of what to do when certain situations happen to you. It means you are prepared and can respond reasonably well to the circumstance. 

Such in a way it is when you do physical exercises. When you do these activities, you feel stronger and more energised. And often, the best ways to protect yourself come in boosting your level by learning through self-defense classes with martial arts.

Self-defense classes are gaining stable attention and following through the years. People of all ages aim to join, attend, learn and progress their knowledge. With martial arts, you have many types to choose from, and yet Aikido stands out. Why, and what makes it different from other kinds of martial arts?

Who is the father of Aikido?

The great teacher or Ōsensei of Aikido is Morihei Ueshiba, and he created this unique martial art. According to history, Ueshiba started to develop Aikido back in the late 1920s through the 1930s. He was already studying older forms of martial arts by then and synthesised Aikido as well. In the 1940s, Aikido became more known in Japan and was connected to the Greater Japan Martial Virtue Society.

What is Aikido?

Aikido is known among the modern Japanese martial arts that are specifically special as it splits into an array of styles. The word “aikido” is formed from three kanji which holds these meanings:

  •  “Ai” means unifying or harmony
  •  “Ki” means spirit or energy
  •   “Dō” means path or way

It’s interpreted that the literal interpretation of this form of martial art is the “Path of unifying energy.” It is exceptionally unique because it follows a principle to intermingle with the attacker’s movements to control the actions and only exert minimal effort. As you defend yourself against the attacker, you understand their intent and rhythm and finally get into the best position to apply the suitable counter-attack.

How do you learn the basics of Aikido?

If you have a clear intent and interest in exploring and learning self-defense, you can join basic Aikido classes near your area. These are primarily done at a slower pace. In the course, you will be taught about the originating and basic principles of movements and techniques of Aikido. Since you’re starting with the basics, you will have a better perception of becoming solid with your energy or “Kihon.”

In these introductory classes, you will go through the essential preparations and warm-ups, Juki Taiso, and the “Aikido yoga.” You’ll gain knowledge of the proper ways of breathing and centering, which leads to the essential blending and partner techniques.

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